Yeah! xD School was cancelled today, and I have no complaints~ ewe

I spent most of today animating, and Im almost finished what I started, which is really good! :D Im aiming to have it finished by the end of tomorrow, so hopefully Ill get it posted here then too. ^^

Todays been better than the past few days have been, and it turns out animating is a really good distraction, so that was really good! :3 Im really hoping tomorrow and the rest of tonight are gonna go the same way today did. uvu

If I finish the flipnote Ive been working on tomorrow, I think Im gonna try and get at least some of my owed art done! owo I have another two loop flipnotes to do now, Im trading someone two loops and $12 for a character Ive wanted for a while, and then I still have those other four pieces of art for the other character, too! ^.^ Im reeally close to being done one of the four pieces, so hopefully I at least get that one finished tomorrow~ 

Ive been staying at Dads the past two night now, including tonight, since he had to go to the city for a doctors appointment for a couple of days Melissa and I wouldve been with him, so we basically just switched where we were supposed to be staying for Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday and Thursday. xD Well be going backto Mums tomorrow morning, and waking up earlys gonna kinda suck, but ehhh, ah well. owo

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already after nine PM, and I wanted to do some more work on that flipnote before I go to bed, so Im gonna get off for tonight. ;u;

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D

Good night guys! X3