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An intruder was recently discovered inside the data center, a highly sensitive area. To gain access, the intruder circumvented numerous layers of physical and electronic security measures. Company leadership has asked for a thorough review of physical security controls to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following departments are the MOST heavily invested in rectifying the problem? (Select THREE).
A. Facilities management
B. Human resources
C. Research and development
D. Programming
E. Data center operations
F. Marketing
G. Information technology
Answer: A, E, G

A company is facing penalties for failing to effectively comply with e-discovery requests. Which of the following could reduce the overall risk to the company from this issue?
A. Establish a policy that only allows filesystem encryption and disallows the use of individual file encryption.
B. Require each user to log passwords used for file encryption to a decentralized repository.
C. Permit users to only encrypt individual files using their domain password and archive all old user passwords.
D. Allow encryption only by tools that use public keys from the existing escrowed corporate PKI.
Answer: D

Which of the following activities is commonly deemed ¡°OUT OF SCOPE¡± when undertaking a penetration test?
A. Test password complexity of all login fields and input validation of form fields
B. Reverse engineering any thick client software that has been provided for the test
C. Undertaking network-based denial of service attacks in production environment
D. Attempting to perform blind SQL injection and reflected cross-site scripting attacks
E. Running a vulnerability scanning tool to assess network and host weaknesses
Answer: C

The technology steering committee is struggling with increased requirements stemming from an increase in telecommuting. The organization has not addressed telecommuting in the past. The implementation of a new SSL-VPN and a VOIP phone solution enables personnel to work from remote locations with corporate assets. Which of the following steps must the committee take FIRST to outline senior management¡¯s directives?
A. Develop an information classification scheme that will properly secure data on corporate systems.
B. Implement database views and constrained interfaces so remote users will be unable to access PII from personal equipment.
C. Publish a policy that addresses the security requirements for working remotely with company equipment.
D. Work with mid-level managers to identify and document the proper procedures for telecommuting.
Answer: C

A company has received the contract to begin developing a new suite of software tools to replace an aging collaboration solution. The original collaboration solution has been in place for nine years, contains over a million lines of code, and took over two years to develop originally. The SDLC has been broken up into eight primary stages, with each stage requiring an in-depth risk analysis before moving on to the next phase. Which of the following software development methods is MOST applicable?
A. Spiral model
B. Incremental model
C. Waterfall model
D. Agile model
Answer: C

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